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Originally Posted by HKGhost View Post
^^ agree
those guns are ok but wait til you get av'ed then decide what gun you want. It's like a candy store of guns. After you'll think of G&G like a KIA and TSD like a POS.
lool in that case i will shall except and choose your help thanks lool

Originally Posted by Daiviet View Post
Clearly, I, who have had these guns on my workbench, which have been used a fair amount by fellow players, to be able to make an informed opinion on them, know nothing compared to the amount of knowledge you've accumulated about them through looking at them on the internet.

I'm sorry for doubting your knowledge.

It's easy to pick those as the best, out of what you know is available to you. For us who know what is actually available, these are close to bottom of the barrel.
Which i have stated in a previous post of my apology
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