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Originally Posted by SniperVann View Post
so you say i really don't care iv heard but good things about G&G and TSD so i figure i would give em a ever since i started looking into airsoft the G&G Gr16 Blowback and the TSD SD96 were the main ones i always had my sight set on to buying and if i dont like them the most that will happen is i would buy a new AEG and have the GR16 as a wall hanger and i would be upgrading the 96 anyways
Clearly, I, who have had these guns on my workbench, which have been used a fair amount by fellow players, to be able to make an informed opinion on them, know nothing compared to the amount of knowledge you've accumulated about them through looking at them on the internet.

I'm sorry for doubting your knowledge.

It's easy to pick those as the best, out of what you know is available to you. For us who know what is actually available, these are close to bottom of the barrel.
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