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Originally Posted by SniperVann View Post
so you say i really don't care iv heard but good things about G&G and TSD so i figure i would give em a ever since i started looking into airsoft the G&G Gr16 Blowback and the TSD SD96 were the main ones i always had my sight set on to buying and if i dont like them the most that will happen is i would buy a new AEG and have the GR16 as a wall hanger and i would be upgrading the 96 anyways
Actually its not just him thats saying. While you are free to purchase whatever funs and gear you so choose, why ask for opinions of you are just going to poo poo a member with quite a bit of experiance? If you are set on an L96 do yourself a favor (especially if you plan to upgrade) and get a TM. With chinese clones there are poor fitment issues with upgrades and because of this many do not have the effect they are suppose to. And while agree a G&G is not a bad gun if you get AV'd you could shop around and get a good gun for around the same price. Anyways just a few things to keep in mind,and I can promis you that my response is much kinder and less vulgar than what you will get if you continue like that after asking a question. But then again you probably will ingore this message and do what you wish anyways.

And yes Ops Gear does ship to Canada, but they use UPS and charge outragous amounts for brokerage.

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eeyore, the more I look at your avatar, the more I find it looks like a vagina...
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