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Help choosing an intermediate level gun!

Hey all,

So I'm not new to airsoft as I played when I was younger (13-16), but back then it was pea shooting 30 dollar toys from canadian tire.

Me and my friends from back in high school are all thinking of picking the hobby back up (for real this time), and so I'm all set and ready to purchase a real airsoft weapon .

Guess I'm open to just about any suggestion as to what you guys think I should buy, as well as (and this is important too) where I should order from.
I'm looking for something reasonably low priced, but still good, maybe 200-500$.
I'd love if I could find a good deal on a gun from the G36 family, as I love the look of these guns (K and E models especially), but I'm also a big fan of SIG's, and souped-up, tactical looking SOPMOD style M4's. SOPMOD style MP5's also tickle my fancy, but not quite as much.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!
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