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Avoide geting a wound 101 and emergancys for meds2
welcome to class lvl 3. here well talk about trying not to get wounded and the seconed emergancys for meds. first to the how not to get a wound. ok so here are 10 tips not to get a wound in battle:
1)dont go neer animals like snakes,cats,mice elc.
2)dont go neer glass and sharp medles.
3)unless you have a breathing tube that was tested dont go under water.
4)dont go into the woods fighting at night expessily in florida.
5)do pick wild berries and eat them
6)dont fish wile in a battle
7)dont let someone melee you and dont melee someone else
8)dont barrow some elses hat.
9)dont get hit by anything.
10)dont shoot at bees and wasps.
Bahahahahahah! My abs hurt...
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