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Originally Posted by Gunny_McSmith View Post
I have 2 packages on the way...

first one was shipped the 29th, XPress, from near montreal city (= few hours by car from my place)...ETA was the 30th... on the tracking number, it says item was out for delivery at 10:56, and at 10:58 it was successfully delivered....

I was like, ok, CP dude does that when packages dont require signature... when I came home... walked to my mailbox, got the usual mail... but no package... wtf....
1 day later... still nothing....WTF!!!

Second one was shipped last week via Expedited (comes from Huang)... ETA the 30th also... and still nothing.... looks like it hasnt moved yet...

2nd one was shipped
Maybe your neighbour took it?
I'll check mine tonight. Says that it's been delivered successfully to the destination. Hopefully I don't have thieving neighbours.

EDIT: I received my package satisfactory. 1 down 1 more to go. The second one is not schedule to arrive until Monday. Of course the one I got today wasn't schedule to arrive until Friday but I got it today.


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