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Originally Posted by SniperVann View Post
As most cant tell i am new two airsoft as well as not been on the forum not to long i tended to stay in the shadows reading as much as i can and waiting till i am able to get Av'ed and i can tell you one thing that i am not going to be cheaping out and made a sticky pad booklet with a list of items i will be getting or hoping to be getting..I have done a rough estimate of round $4000...some thing that are on my list include...G&G Gr16 (blowback)...TSD/Well L96 TSD...Sd700 (planing on upgrading)...KJW 1911 MEU...G&G Gr16a3 (C7 project) for gear i have down...Condor Non-Ballistic MoLLE plate Carrier (86.99)...hydration and blatter...Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit w/Medkit...3 Double M4 mag pouches (Holds 4 Each)...Double Pistol Mag Pouch...WILEY-X NERVE Ballistic Tactical Goggle (94.99) Voodoo Crossfire Glove(mind you they look sweet) and a few other things i wont mention to keep this post short..Ps..will OpsGear send to Canada?

EDIT...Also i have a pair of boots Blawk Hawk Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots for $170
Thats quite the list.....

can I ask why so many guns on the list? Don't get me wrong most of us have more then one gun but usually don't start with a list of so many guns

unless this was not a "start with" list
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