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I will be using candyman's plans to build a WA2000 but instead of using a pistol inside of the rifle I plan to use either a gearbox or some kind of gas system fitted for the rifle. the WA2000 is semi automatic which is why I do not want to use a bolt action spring style not to mention that i dont want to have to pull on a bolt with a heavy spring resistance

EDIT:517 without a hard pull? did you use teflon grease? and yes I know that the BA is most consistent but I am hoping to get it consistent enough. also I wont have a selector switch on the outside of the rifle that turns any farther than safe and semi

what would be recommended for the longest barrel length? I know the WA 2000 is a certain size but since I'm already going to make the rifle I can put a pretty sizable silencer on the end to have a longer inner barrel

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