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Mech Boxes

Hey everyone, I'm not by any means a newbie to airsoft, but I am a newbie to really understanding the internals of the rifles. I apprenticed in high school under a carpenter and I now work part time in a metalworking shop because I feel it's important to be able to fabricate ones own things.

I have been inspired by candyman to finally build my own sniper rifle and I need some advice about mech boxes and where I can buy just a mech box with the potential for 550 fps. I appreciate the help, I understand the workings of AEGs and I own several but I want to buy a new full mech box with which to build a sniper rifle. It can be a semi auto box, the power and durability is my greatest concern.

Yes I have used google but i don't have enough understanding to know the differences between all these mech boxes. Cheers
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