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that airhogs "toy" is pretty much useless in the outside world. In the house, yes. Outside, no.

The whole idea of playing with radio control toys while trying to play airsoft is a bunch of crap.

Either you play airsoft or you fly your model airplane, but you cant do both at the same time.

I am a hard-core model aircraft enthusiast and I can tell you, If I come out to play airsoft, I dont want to be futzing around with my model airplane or helicopter. Besides needing good skill to fly effectively, you need a good machine (read $$) and a good video downlink system (read $$$$$) for real-time observation. Then you have to fly about and interpret the downliked video, which in itself is hard to do. Who wants to mess about with this sort ofcrap when you are really out to play airsoft? Those people that have actually tried this will know- its a pipe-dream and you are wasting your time.

Pick up your gun and play airsoft. If you want to fly model airplanes, join a flying club.

My 2C
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