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Hey rockafella, I want to bring something to your attention

While I was hunting down for TAD gear fleece, I found your ad on ebay.

and I almost fell for your trap. Until I rolled down to the absolute bottom and noticed that there was a paragraph of font-5 disclaimer saying that this is a replica(like 1 out of 5 sentences says this explicitly), your ad makes it extremely misleading towards the fact that it is an official TAD product. Your ad uses official TAD photos, and never states that the product you are selling in an replica until nearly the last sentence of the extremely long ad.

I find this quite an immoral thing to do, since I nearly overpaid $100 for a china clone fleece mistaking it for a genuine TAD gear product. And from the number of bids and the feedbacks you have received, it looks like your customers actually are falsely believing that you are selling a genuine product.

Just bringing this to not only your attention, but also others that are hunting for rare TAD gear apparels.

- I don't mind marketing strategies where companies put overt descriptions and features to make their product look better on paper, but what you are doing is plainly, and obviously, an intentional product misrepresentation for a larger profit.

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