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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
beer cans? more like whiskey bottles with squirrels in them. and true, adaptation does come into play. While with an AEG as a DMR, it would be easier to switch from semi-auto to full automatic while with a bolt action you cant
True, but learn to shoot well, who needs semi or full? Both are just compensating for lack of shooting skills. Think about it, I can smoke a guy running sideways with my bolt action out to 100ft, shoot between branches because I can choose my ballistic path, etc. Hell, I've proven I can hit a swinging bottle cap on a string at 30ft with my M24............ yet have a hard time hitting a guy running sideways with my MP5 on full auto. When you are limited, your mind takes over. When you are in abundence, your mind goes blank.

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