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Most games have the FPS specified in their signups or club/field rules.

I've been thinking, on a completely unrelated but related topic..

...perhaps we should add some subcategories to the Newbie Tank for each kind of class of player (for lack of a better term) so that people can get proper focus on what sort of role they want to strive for? Or something.

I know, for example, that if someone wanted to adopt a Demolition/Field Engineer type of role, I could give some great specific advice for it. Other people would be great for trading tips on how to custom an AEG for a Sharpshooter/Marksman role. Straight-up Assaulters/Riflemen for another kind of player. Heavy Gunners/Support Gunners could represent all your LMGs and up. And of course, the ever-prevailing Sniper role for the bolt action weirdos...

Just a thought.

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