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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
We use FPS limits because that's what people can understand. Really it's power limits that you should be using.

Outdoor fields will *usually* have power limits of 1.48 Joules corresponding to 400 FPS using .20g BB's or around 360 using .25g BB's although power limits can vary depending on if it's an outdoor "FIBUA" field for example.

Also..... there are "velocity reducers" that screw onto the muzzle of your gun but they can fail and as such you could be shooting someone with a hot gun without knowing it. The best way would be a spring downgrade (what's $10 more if you're already spending so much for upgrade parts for your rifle?).
So I assume the term "hot" is basically anything higher than the feild limit? So long as I am under that limit would that still potentially exclude new snipers from games? (just trying to prevent the chance that I may have to step out of a game when I start up as a sniper after the AEG)

Probably the last question I've got is when people chrono your weapons on fields is is based on BB's of .20g or the BB's you will use exclusively for the rifle such as .30g BB's?

Thanks for the info on the velocity reducer.. I guess I'll have to sell it off since it isn't as reliable as the reviews have said about it. Also.. I will be having a few different springs available and am willing to swap them out if people are still not comfortable with the performance, but I plan to stay in the range of 300-400 FPS area to provide the range coverage.
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