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Originally Posted by side-effects View Post
Holy sheet. What was that, like 10 seconds? LOL Thanks by the way!
You're very welcome. If you want to do more research on the topic, check out this thread for more information than you'll be able to handle:

Originally Posted by side-effects View Post
4.3 or 5.1. And what is the MEU version?
4.3 vs 5.1 is one of the most common questions. It's so common, that I placed it as the very first Q/A in the FAQ in that thread I linked above. Just scroll down to post #2 (you can hotlink from the Table of Contents in post #1) and read away.

As for MEU, it's based off the 1911 / single stack platform. It's great as a skirmish pistol. I have a couple as well.
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