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Alright that sounds cool. I'll pick up the information as planned using my AEG for a while before jumping into the role of sniper. I was really interested in picking up CQC training from TTAC with hand guns and submachine guns anyhow (something I'd like to refine since I've always lost that battle in paintball).

So when you guys say "hot guns" I'm assuming full internal upgrade with an FPS of 400-450+? The goal of my sniper rifles is to get consistency at a decent distance while maintianing 300-400 FPS using .25 to .3 BBs but with upgraded internals to ensure I have consistency. Would that define a sniper rifle as "hot"? or is this term loosly used based on the field you are playing on?

If it is an FPS limit where people were not comfortable would a FPS power down muzzle work to help make others comfortable for you to use a sniper rifle? (I'm asking this because my girl friend is interested in airsoft also and was going to pass her my AEG when I'm confident enough to be a sniper in airsoft and also have expereince under my belt)
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