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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
In fact I believe that Stalker or someone actually plays with a sniper rifle that shoots 360-380 FPS (on .20's) and brings it down even lower with heavier BB's. So really all you need to do is bring a gun that isn't hot on the field and you can play with anything you want. Hell you could even use a straw and some BB's as long as you don't blow the BB harder than 1.48 Joules.
Ya, t'would be me, past few times my rifle got chronied was around 397fps with 0.20g BBs (an I use 0.36g Bastards, nets me around 300fps with them). I've always focused more on close accurate shots (within 150ft), like through cracks in bunker walls and such rather than absolute maximum range shots (waste of time in my books, no airsoft rifle can hit a man sized target within field limits, past 250ft anyways, more than once out of a few shots unless luck comes into play). And at that veolocity with that ammo weight, gave me superior accuracy and range compared to the years before when I ran at around 500fps w/0.20g BBs, too unpredictable then. Shit, said it before, set my rifle up at one point and got 340fps, tweaking hop up I discovered I could float heavy BBs out past 300ft easily. Kinda set me on the path of lower velocities with rifles rock, plus you can shoot a guy from 60ft away without bullshit, just aim for mag pouches, webbing, etc.
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