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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I'm not a sniper, don't own a sniper rifle, and probably never will. However, here's my take on it. Take my advice as you will.

Your previous experience will be of some value, but somewhat like having a private pilot license with small single engine civvie planes would be of value to flying a fighter jet. While that base experience is still there, there's a lot missing that you won't be able to get without working your way up from a basic rifleman -> designated marksman -> sniper roles. Until you have some solid, hands-on experience with those 'lower' roles in airsoft, I really wouldn't recommend jumping into the sniper role off the bat.

And remember - at most fields, if 1 person on the field objects to having a unknown / noob sniper in the game, that's all it takes and you won't be allowed to field your sniper rifle, even if you have BA certification. Being an airsoft sniper required more than just the base skills you already have, and for the most part, you'll need some serious airsoft experience before other players will have confidence in you to allow you to play the sniper role.

Personally, (nothing personal here), if you showed up at a game with a hot sniper rifle and your current 'qualifications' are all you had, I'd be the first to object to you field your sniper rifle.
Good to know, and I've already stated that I won't start off as a sniper, but still good information for those people who would like to start off as a sniper. I'd rather test the waters with an AEG get to know fields, people, playing styles, weapons distances and accuracy, etc. as a basic recon of how things will be if I were going into the sniper role.

Also when you mentioned that I had to work myself up to the sniper level, if I had the previous experiences in paint ball where I basically worked my way up to sniper, ex. soldier, support gunner, tactician, designated marksman, spotter, etc. Would that count as experiencing for understanding roles/working your way up or is it completely different in airsoft? (aside from the obvious distance increase since you are dealing with lighter and smaller projectiles) In all honesty I was planning to become a soldier for a while until I got to know a bunch of info then just jump into the sniper role afterwards (I'd still bring the AEG in the event that I'm voted out for sniper roles as a backup).
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