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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I hope you realize how much that sniper project is going to cost you. As for BB's you can't go wrong with BBBastard BB's and you're in Toronto so yeah....

Your pistol looks pretty sexy too, (although I don't really like the grips, but to each his own) although I think that hand painted "logo" on the slide kind of makes it seem kind of cheap. If you seriously want a good logo on your slide look into getting printable "water transfer paper" (print off an inkjet, get the transfer wet and stick onto pistol like you would a sticker, I don't know about durability though since the only applications I've seen that used in, was in Warhammer models).
I'm well aware of how much sniper rifle projects can run up which I have no problem with. A lot of my hunting supplies such as scope, camo, etc. are easily transferable and the cost of the upgrades for sniper rifles is a lot cheaper than a real handgun so it shouldn't be a problem with me.

The pistol is a replica model I have been working on from the Devil May Cry series of Ebony and Ivory Picture Here
The water transferable would peal off after a while from pulling it out of your holster. I printed out the text on a paper with painters tape (the blue ones) and cut it out by hand then applied a two coats of gold enamel spray paint to ensure it's durability. The only things I'm waiting for are the iron sights, hammer, hand grip safety, and the image on the handle.
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