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Thanks a lot for all the replies to the questions and all the other valuable information that you've provided me with. It has been really helpful for understanding what to watch out for and gave me a better understanding of what to look for in a rifle.

I've also played in several different areas where sniper roles differentiate depending on the location. Whether it's moving a few inches at a time to avoid detection as recon, to moving with squads and playing as counter sniper and disorientating the enemy. I usually sit back a game or two to break in to understand the attacker tactics and learn how my team works together to provide them with the adequate role as a sniper.

I've already spec'd out rifles from other threads and am going to be working with two different rifles. I currently own an L96, and am hoping to find someone selling a TM VSR-10 at a later date when I get age verified because upgrades are easily accessable.

Here is what I currently have for my sniper rifle:
Base: TSD/Well L96
Barrel: PDI 6.01 - 495mm tight bore barrel
Hop up: PDI hop up system
Cylinder/Cylinder Head/Piston/Spring Guide: PDI Cylinder Set VC
Springs: PDI 220 + 240 Springs
Trigger box: Laylax Zero Trigger
Bucking: Prometheus Hard Hopup Bucking Kit
Muzzle: TM power down muzzle (for certain fields with lower FPS caps)
and a bunch of other misc stuff.

The one thing that wasn't really mentioned in previous replies is what Brand specific BB's would you recommend. I know that some people may disagree with your choices, but that is your own personal preference and I was mainly asking this because I'd rather not have cheap BB's that may potentially jam or worse, damage an internal component.

I'm pretty aware of people not calling shots in paintball and as annoying as it is just means all the more shots I will get him with until he does call the shot. I've had people get pretty pissed off trying to start an altercation with me because I was able to flank his squad and take them out with ease and the only reason why they didn't call the shoot was because they thought it was friendly fire. Pretty annoying at times especially with the younger kids which is why I'd like to step it up a notch and stay in 18+ airsoft games (or at least parental supervision).

here is a little goodie for all of you since I got some really good information from you guys. My side arm project (nearly completed). I'll post more details and how I did it on an upgrade/mod thread when It is 100%.
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