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NO! Read the reviews first, from what I'm reading you should avoid that model like the plague. The worthwhile Aftermath's to get are the Kraken and Broxa ONLY, everything else from their lineup is pretty much crap.

Also, the Aftermath isn't that great of a brand to start with but if you're on a tight budget, have the mechanical aptitude, money for future upgrades, and time then it'll be OK for starting out but definitely not the best.

First thing that you pretty much MUST do when you get the gun is to take it apart, clean out the crappy grease and relube with something like FinishLine Teflon grease or White lithium grease (Dunbar Lumber should have it and is pretty closeby if you don't want to go that far otherwise HomeDepot is where you'll want to go). Reason being is that someone once said "It's like someone shat low quality grease all over the gearbox except in the places that it's actually important". Then after that a spring downgrade to an M110 is also recommended so that you are for sure under the field limits.

PS: Don't forget to join Op-For Airsoft that's where local games should be announced and stuff.
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