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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post

Overall I would say it's a more boring and challenging role than being a rifleman, but every kill you get is MUCH more satisfying!
It can be depending on game type

this is something in the original OP that was not mentioned

at our local field we do a lot of small skirms to the snipers can tend to get more shots off, in a milsim or larger op you will do a lot of waiting around and will get bored easy.

All in all I think the role is what you make of it

At our last game I was in the dead box with some players and every time someone stood up from in the tower I would call it that they where about to be picked off...sure enough they where and that made me happy along with the one picking them off.

Same game day our team would loose cause a bunch of guys would not call the sniper hits

so take the role with a grain of salt and be prepared for a good feeling with each kill and a bad feeling with eat kill that doesn't get called
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