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I was a sniper in the states for several years, and now Im switching to a more DM role. But when I was there, it depended on hop up/the gun. For my L96, I used .30s, for my VSR10, I used .28s, and for a Dragunov I used .36g BBs. Different weight BBs means different kinetic energy, which means different overall distance and "punching power;" heavier BBs will not travel as far as lighter BBs, but will pack more punch and tend to be more accurate, while lighter BBs travel farther/faster, and arent as accurate. I've always used different rifles for different situations, such as in a small playing area I'd use the VSR10 with the .28s, while in dense vegetation, Id use heavier BBs to punch through leaves and such. All in all, it comes down to judgement, judgement of how veterans can trust you, and whether you know what to do when s*** goes down
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