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Snipers in airsoft

So I've gone through a lot of several threads about how new people shouldn't be snipers, minimum distances, lots of safety info (a lot of idiots aiming for the head with hot guns from what I've gathered), and a bunch of other scattered information in multiple threads.

Now I'm pretty new on the forums, but am not new to the role. I've handled firearms before, gone hunting, and have played paintball for a while and was curious about the sniper role in airsoft.

I understand that many people are more comfortable knowing that you are L2 BA or higher (I plan to attend when available in the area), but since I've had previous experiences as a sniper/recon/spotter/stalker in paintball, and hunting (just a lot slower) I was curious if these skills are transferable to the sport or if the role is completely different and also what are general thoughts about people new to BA sniper roles for airsoft if they've already handled an AEG for a while.

Since I have had previous experiences in the slow paced stalking of hunting, and the quick paced action, and tactics (attack, defend, rush/flank defense, when to fallback, etc.) in paintball how would you compare that in a sniper role for airsoft?

I know that this hasn't been in any other threads, but what BB's do you personal enjoy using (brand and weight) for airsoft games with a sniper rifle (let's just say your barrel is 6.1mm) and why?

FYI (please read this before you reply) - To avoid a lot of hated replies from members... Yes I will get myself age verified son, I also have no intention of playing sniper as my primary role for a while until I can hone my skills with my airsoft sniper rifle, and don't worry... I have no intentions of starting out with a sniper rifle even though I could potentially be suited for the role. This is merely for information that I wasn't able to gather from several threads and forums that I am pretty interested in.
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