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Getting AV does expand your choices so that's always recommended.

Not only do you get access to retailers who only operate on ASC but also used classifieds where there might be package deals or $150 fixer guns or even $3000+ guns and everything in between.

However out of those 2 choices I'd say the JG is the better deal (however this is judging by their whole lineup not specific guns). As well FPS isn't everything if you're just looking at that, in fact it's as easy as a $10 spring upgrade/downgrade to change it. In fact it's a horrible way to gauge quality. Would you rather get a Jaguar that has to be in the shop for 3 days for every day it's out on the road or would you rather have something that's a bit slower and less sporty but is reliable for ever except for the occasional replacement/maintenance/tuning.
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