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Originally Posted by bshantz View Post
In paintball if you don't spend the money on your gun and hopper and what have you, you are seriously out gunned and out matched to those with bigger wallets.
Actually.... one time I had a pump action player come play on a "public walkon day" and he was kicking ass against the other team (they had 2 guys with what I believe to be full auto RAP4's that shot something crazy like 10BPS or something).

Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
anyways I hope I can show that some of us youngsters can actually play Airsoft and not be a total pain.
Believe me, we know that SOME minors can be awesome but it's a lot easier for hosts to have a blanket 18+ policy (or 18+ with certain exceptions), not only for legal aspects (and the fact that hosts don't like their games being a daycare/babysitting service) but also to cut down on douchbaggery (but at the same time there are people that are in the 18-24 age group that are complete douchebags as well (*cough*fratboysandguidos*cough*) however they tend to get uninvited from games and mommy and daddy can't complain about it).
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