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Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
How would things change? From what I've been reading the rules and stuff are pretty solid and don't need much change.
There have been some changes in the background but I don't think I can delve too much into it. Basically just know that there are fundamental changes being made in the background and hopefully once the market "stabilizes" you'll see cheaper prices and more stuff available. (Trust me I do some Economic Geography... lol. (But at heart I'm an idiot that would love to do nothing more than hit rocks with a hammer, play with expensive lasers and tools, and drink whiskey all the time)). I am actually one that remembers the days of buying a Classic Army rifle at $700 (and that was when they had absolute SHIT internals).

PS: A lot of what we play are more milsim oriented, although you'll have some "speedball style" play at certain paintball venues due to the inherent design of the field. Usually however, it'll be more "woodsball" oriented with occasional smaller and larger milsim games.
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