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Whether you get a full metal AEG or one with just a metal upper or a composite one is up to you. They all have their pro's and cons. If you are playing inside .20 bbs are fine as they travel faster and distance and wind is not much of an issue. Once you get outside however I suggest using .28's or heavier. Heavier bb's while traveling slower will provide greater range and accuracy as well as cut through bushes and shubbery easier. The fps you game at will depend on where you play ( indoors/outdoors), most hosts limit fps to 350 for inside and 400 fps for outside. Please note that these are limits not goals!!! With a properly tuned AEG and a good hop up many guns with lower fps have better accuracy and distance than some guns set to 400fps. I think I remember your earlier post saying you wanted an M4, AR's are great because their are so many after market parts for them including a ton of RIS/RAS choices. And please don't take this as poorly but whatever amount you think is enough is not. Most players don't stop at one guns and one rig set up. Infact I think most players here can probably claim to easily have spent over $5000 on airsoft. And yes Duracoat will work.
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