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Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
Yeah, I have T68 nice but not so nice, and sorry about that remark. I was flustered and your attitude didn't help to much, sorry.
Funny though, don't see many guys doing a C7 or C8 load out. =/
thats because a C7 or C8 is very difficult to do, simply because everyone tries to be balls on accurate. the receiver I've noticed is the biggest gripe of most because getting the trademarks is hard.
and as AP said there was no attitude i just plainly and simply pointed out my points. if you came here and expected for everything to be sugar coated for you because your new. well your looking in the wrong place. we state simple facts plain and simple. as suggested read the FAQ's the'll answer alot, and use the search button it'll more then likely turn up results and answers relevant to what you need.
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