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Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
Sadly, I am only 15 so my Dad will have to buy the gun for me which is a bummer but hey, what can you do? Anyways the reason I said the Airsoft/Paintball thing is because my old MilSim broke on me and I want to try out Airsoft MilSim, but I am still loyal to my Paintball team who most certainly need me (Team Leader).
Also to add to Mr.Meanie first poster: Gas Airsoft guns can fire Paint rounds just as well as Paintball guns just my problem floats around the FPS cap for Paintball so I'm think two different type of Gases for my gun allowing me to use it for PB purposes when required yet still kick some arse during Airsoft.
1. how was that mean in any way?
i pointed out the facts in a simple matter, clear and concise. all the members reiterated and supported the fact.

2. what your probably thinking is these

they are not airsoft.
they are mag fed paintball guns

3. anyways welcome to the community, and seems like you made the wise choice as to wait.

Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
Anyways back to the topic of Airsoft since I do MilSim Paintball/woodsball and we use a Mag System now (Took for ever for someone to do that) so I have FLYE RRV Khaki with the MBSS Backplate with a Hydration/back pack hybrid, two dual double M16/4 Mag pouches, Radio pouch, Admin Pouch, and some grenade pouches.
I think I'll keep that vest until its useless or totally ruined, but yeah for Airsoft I'm thinking of a M4, and M14 EBR since I'm more of DM type.
the vest you have is plenty good for both sports.
the m14 ebr is a great rifle (as long as you use a TM base)
though you can get a M4 and make it a DMR or SPR quite easily
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