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Originally Posted by The101Factor View Post
Sadly, I am only 15 so my Dad will have to buy the gun for me which is a bummer but hey, what can you do? Anyways the reason I said the Airsoft/Paintball thing is because my old MilSim broke on me and I want to try out Airsoft MilSim, but I am still loyal to my Paintball team who most certainly need me (Team Leader).
Also to add to Mr.Meanie first poster: Gas Airsoft guns can fire Paint rounds just as well as Paintball guns just my problem floats around the FPS cap for Paintball so I'm think two different type of Gases for my gun allowing me to use it for PB purposes when required yet still kick some arse during Airsoft.
Well, being 15 is a problem.

Having your father buy your rifle through this site for you is against the rules. Its circumventing the AV system.

As for gas guns shooting the 6mm marker rounds, that is more dangerous then an AEG shooting the rounds. When the bolt cycles, it puts tremendous pressure on the round to push it out of the mag and into the hop up chamber.
This is compared to the weaker pressure of the AEG mag simply pushing the marker round into the breach of the AEG and it is them pushed into the hopup chamber by the nozzle. Though safer - it is still not recommended due to intolerance in the marker rounds. Most will be fine, but when one breaks, your barrel will be fucked, and the paint will be sucked into the mechbox, then that gets gummed up and is a bitch to clean.

I found out about airsoft when I was 14, and I could not play until I was 18. Please take your time and WAIT. Spend time on thiese forums and READ READ READ READ READ READ. Believe me when I say that the community will see you better for it.

Continue to play paintball until you are 18, or can play at the rare game where people that are 16 are allowed to play.

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