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Originally Posted by oscar5zero View Post
thank you that was very helpful? Ok new question ICS Galil or Real sword type 56-1?
Go for the RS type 56, it's a solid gun and wont give you too big of a headache out of the box (solid AEG from what I've seen!). My ICS Galil is only now recovering from the problems it had out of the box, it does take standard AK47 magazines without problems. Some ICS Galils cannot feed their mags properly, which is a real annoyance. Mine have been modified to feed properly (by bending certain parts of it).

The gun has had a list of fixes to make it properly working. I'm sure it's not the case for every ICS Galil but in my experience it's been an adventure.

Although right now there's a wiring issue, but after that, it should be a very good AEG (nice range due to M16 length inner barrel).

Although a good AEG now, looking back I'd get a Type 56, it's a solid package.

However the mags are proprietary (but somehow ICS Galil mags work in it).
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