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Well here I am after weeks of being nagged by my buddies to try Airsoft. So I have come here looking for a good M4A1 Carbine type gun with RIS and a retractable stock (Being a MilSim player I have all my optics and stuff just need the Airsoft gun.)
Also can Airsoft guns fire Paintballs? Just in case I want to bring the rain on some Paintball chaps back in Southern Ontario.
Anyways, thanks in advance and go easy on me.
point 1, this website has what is called "age verification" that proves you are 18, you go out and meet a age verifier. through this process you have access to retailers and the classifieds where you can get any m4.

point 2, no they cannot, paintballs are .68 cal and bb's are 6mm two different sizes. that being said there are "marker" bb's available but the general consensus is to stay away simply because the gum up your internals and are more pain then they are worth.
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