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airsoft guns are not replicas
they fall into a grey area
replica = non firing prop 1:1 scale
airgun = firing over a certain fps limit
airsoft falls inbetween as long as it fire at a certain fps limit
full black guns are not illegal to own
they are not illegal to sell
they are NOT ILLEGAL
they can be imported by the average civillian as long as they adhere to stirct cbsa guidlines, now that being said it is advised against due to many "political" issue and the hassle of doing so. you may think your saving a quick buck, but then that buck goes into shipping, customs, taxes, and exchange rate.
the guns here in canada are actually reasonably priced all things considered

inb4 flaming/your wrong/what are you telling these kids etc...
that being said, any facts i may have missed or miss understood you are welcome to correct
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