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Originally Posted by iKliiu View Post
Yes, I made sure the polarity was correct. Which way should a motor spin normally?
I would question whether your polarity is indeed correct or not. The anti-reversal latch prevents the gears from unwinding in reverse when you take your finger off the trigger and the spring is 1/2 way compressed. IF your polarity is backwards, the motor will not turn since it is trying to turn the gears the wrong way and is thus impeded by the anti-reversal latch.
  1. Try reversing the motor leads , "just for fun" and give it a quick test.

    Failing that,
  2. Something is obviously stuck in your gearbox. You may have to take it apart. WARNING! Don’t do this if you are not mechanically minded, or you will end up like NoobLord.
  3. If you cant do that, enlist the help of someone more knowledgeable. Take it to a more experienced player and see if they can help you
  4. Final option: Get the help of a professional GunDoctor
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