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Originally Posted by AVF View Post
targeted a G&G M4 Carbine on 007,
maybe i've to wait for a month or a bit longer(hope i get it after christmas...)
It's a decent choice and all but for a bit more you can get better, and once you get your AV status there is a bigger selection available in the classifieds PLUS theres even package deals for used gear sometimes. Ken is a good guy and all but you should still look at every avenue available to you to get the best deal.

@ Stewart: Just so you know, because of Canadian law you can't bring your stuff over and if you go to an Op you'll have to rent (gear is fine but the biggest problems are with prohibited items (pistols (specifically pistol frames), and rifles (specifically the receiver part with the serial number on it, ie. lower for AR 15 and upper for MP5), etc.)

Also, something to help you with your training; have you ever considered buying some "ankle weights" to help with leg work? They're awesome, just wear them when you're training and when you're playing sports (without the weights) you'll perform better (ie. jump higher in basketball and volleyball or run faster when jogging).
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