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S-Thunder CO2 Accessories

S-Thunder CO2 Accessories

Having had a chance to play with almost all of there accessories I feel its time to do a review of them.

Dual Cartridge CO2 Cylinder

Having played with classic airsoft for many years one thing I can say is hauling 20oz CO2 tanks around sucks. When I started to get into some of the newer items that could take CO2 through a fill valve I dreaded dragging that damn tank around. That and the closest paintball shop is a distance away. Not only that I only have so much room in my kit box for stuff and CO2 tanks were taking up space that could be used for other things.

I received the dual cartridge cylinder and the first thing I did was realize I had no 12g cartridges for it. So off to crappy tire I went which is a few second drive away. I picked myself up a nice bulk package and drove home.

As with all of the S-Thunder items I have had to date which is most of there product line this was well machined. Everything fits together good and it wasn't made of melted Christmas ornaments and dinky cars. I unscrewed the end plate and tossed the puncturable end in first of the first 12g cartridge and did the opposite for the last. You need to do this because the parts the puncture are on both ends of the long tube. The end cap has another part that unscrews out which needs to be released before you screw the cap back on. Once the cap is placed back on and screwed in you can screw the final part of the end plate back in. This will puncture both cylinders inside. Now all you need is a CO2 adapter and a device that can handle the pressure of CO2. The o-ring at the top is replaceable by a standard CO2 bottle o-ring. Your local Walmart or paintball shop will carry bulk packs of these.

Do not and I repeat do not put CO2 in a device it is not intended to be put in. The cheap metal of most gbb magazines will explode with the pressure of liquid CO2.

The dual cartridge loader is my go to device when it comes to gassing up my land mines and nades. It doesn't take up much space and has enough gas to charge my items for a day. The msrp of 42 USD is not that bad for an item that is machined with this quality. If compared to a 20oz tank it is expensive int he long run but you pay for compactness and ease of fills.

Rechargeable CO2 Cylinder

Much like the dual cartridge system S-Thunder released another compact CO2 cartridge. This one will need to be charged up at your local CO2 filler be it a paintball shop, wine store, or hardware store. If you have one that will fill bottles that is near by this is a cheaper alternative to use. It stores enough to fill a good pile of shells. It holds around double the amount of CO2 that the dual cartridge system does. I have two of these gassed up for when I don't feel like buying a bunch of the 12g cartridges but still want something small to keep in my gear or box of toys. Much like the other cylinder this one too can have the main o-ring replaced by a standard CO2 o-ring.

The msrp for the Rechargeable cylinder comes in at 53USD. I would have liked to see the price of this be a bit lower. A local store sells the 12oz tanks for 34USD. You are paying for the size of the canister however it would have been better to have its price more inline with the dual cartridge charger.

Now that you have these nice fancy bottles to hold CO2 you need a way to get it into your grenades and mines. S-Thunder has two products to do this with. One is adjustable and the other is not.

CO2 Cylinder Adapter with Pressure Meter

Both Madbull and S-Thunder however the S-Thunder version comes in quite a bit cheaper and works the exact same. They both also have the same flaw. Neither has a wrench flat added to them. This is not a problem if you want to leave the adapter on the bottle but is a problem if you want to take it off a larger bottle like a 20oz tank. Its almost impossible due to the pressure behind the adapter. Once the tank is empty its quite simple to do. In a future release I would like to see wrench flats added and a laser engraved marking to show people which way to loosen and tighten. This may sound stupid to the people who understand lefty loosey righty tighty but there is a population of people out there who have no business operating a tool.

The operation of the device is quite simple. Screw it onto your desired device that is full of CO2 and adjust the pressure to where you want it. Its best to adjust it so the pressure is at its lowest and you can work your way up to the pressure you want. I say this because if you do not you will adjust down and wont notice it on the nice little gauge. This is because it already has some higher pressure gas in it. You would need to depress the nozzle to let that out to get the true pressure.

The regulator includes an allen key for adjustment. This is my only other gripe with this product. I tend to lose allen keys like its going out of style. I now have my allen key tied to the adapter so I cant lose it. An adjustment knob would be far superior in my books.

Other then that this product works as intended. Its good if you are firing reballs out of the paintball rounds. You can adjust the power so its not insane. I also use mine when playing around at my camp adjusting the power seeing what I can hit at certain speeds. These retail for around 40USD while the Madbull is near double its price.

CO₂ Cylinder Adaptor

As with the previous adapter there are other makers of this. This one is among the cheapest and best performing of the few I have tried. It doesn't allow you to adjust the pressure of the CO2 going in. So you always go full power. I typically use this one at games because the shells are absolutely terrifyingly loud at max pressure. Not only that but they manage to sling bb's a good distance. There really isn't anything to crazy to talk about when it comes to this. You use it like every other propane or CO2 charger.

For 14USD you cant go wrong with one of these even to keep as a backup if you go for its more expensive brother.
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