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As a newer denizen of these forums, I cannot emphasize to you just how much information there is available here.

The best advice I have for you is if you're going to start a thread, stop.
Type it into the search field first, especially if it starts with "what's the best ___?, Where can I find ___?"
I've been on for a couple of months now and I'm tired of seeing the same questions asked over and over again

Get yourself AV'ed and you will have full access to the site and you will certainly keep yourself occupied for a long while.

I've read practically every thread of interest and then the rest of them.
It takes time, but is most certainly worth it.

Like yourself, I started in Paintball (not sure if I'm going back) and if you've been at it for 9 years, you're off to a good start gear wise.

You'll be able to look at all the shiny, pretty things available when you get your highly coveted Age Verified tag.

good luck and welcome to the sport.
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