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Well you've already saved ~$50 by being a PBaller. You can reuse your PB mask.

Also if you've played woodsball and have camo (that's relatively stain free) then you've saved another ~$40.

The best way to get info is actually to go out and meet people. I'm sure if you buy the AV rep a pint or some timmies they'll be happy to shoot the shit in regards to the nuances of airsoft.

As for guns, we can't actually direct you to where to get them (I'm pretty sure it's a forum rule to not tell unverified people where to buy) but if you can actually read you'll be able to distill this info. In addition to those "publicly" available sites there is a classifieds section which you'll be able to access after being AV'ed (especially read the FAQ on that a few times, that is a trove of knowledge). Note that after your info is submitted it may take between 1 hour to 2 weeks for your status to update as the admins do status updates in batches usually once a week but may take up to 2 weeks for the status to be updated. The benefit of AV is that you can access the classifieds and do a lot more "comparison shopping" to find the best deals.

In fact I buy exclusively from the classifieds and they've never failed me if I can get a good valuation of the goods being sold and catch those deals.

PS: When you chrono your gun it will be using .20's. We don't use velocity limits, rather we use POWER limits (measured in Joules) but for clarity's sake the power rating translated to .20 gram BB's are the standard for chrono.
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