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Originally Posted by xaMdaM View Post
Finally, in a world where all young boys in Canada are being taught to be little girls by a school system dominated by women, my boys need to learn to behave like men, not like the pussies that the school system is trying to make them.
Why? I like being sssstylish (lisp implied), sipping on my non-fat extra hot soy latte, and keeping my Chihuahua in my murse. Also.... that remind me I gotta go pick up the newest GQ, some more guyliner, and another pair of skinny jeans.

Seriously though, "I can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my gat's too fat". (+1 Internetz to whoever knows where this is from (without googling)).

Another reason, (and not to sound like a wanker or a walt) but I can also play "army man" with other grownups, not to mention it's a good change of direction from the boring sitting at home in front of the computer all day shit. I also realized that to a lesser extent that it's one of these things that I feel I have to go out and do something to make up for "lost time" in my childhood. I never actually did that much outdoor activity and my parents actually never did that much stuff with me. Sure I had fun snowboarding and doing whatever other activities, but I missed out on a lot of sports and stuff.

My parents also think that everything I do is dangerous or unsafe, which isn't true as long as proper safety rules are observed. And this is partly to rebel against them (although I'm 20 FFS, and legally I'm an adult but no matter what I'm still like an 8 year old kid to them) I wanted to do things like Mountain biking in the summer but without the minimum safety gear it's super unsafe (ie. cracked jaw, and reconstructive jaw surgery + medical fees (even after BC Medical Air and 3rd party medical insurance is factored in) is never cool). I also want a motorcycle and that's safe because of the attitude that I take into it (reading up about how to stay visible and keeping a dominant lane position so as to not get sideswiped) but they still think that I'll die or break my neck the first time I go out on a bike.
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