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Fill my brain with info.

So after playing paintball for 9 years ( bring on the hate :P) both speed and woods iv found myself looking into airsoft. Iv done some snooping around for info and just have a few questions kickin around.

BB's... why the different wieghts and sizes and are they all compatable with all airsoft guns. Or do certain sizes only work with certain guns?

Batteries... Generally how long do they last? How small is to small?

Last of all the guns. Iv done more snooping and find its a slim world out there... or I just dont know those sweet sites or stores yet. But theres got a be a big distributor for Canada or a awsomely packed store in the Barrie/Wasaga/vaughn area of Ontario.

Anywho guys dump your info on me, Iv read a bunch of the stickies and they helped me out a bunch tho I was left a little confused :P tho I'll still be snooping around.
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