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Cool fields near niagara falls

hello, i am new to airsoft and am wondering if anyone knows any good OUTDOOR fields near niagara falls, that me and my son could play on , he is 13 years old and yes he knows more about airsoft than i do (lol) and we got all of our gear about 2 months ago and have just been in the backyard with it until now, we have no idea where we could play with him being only 13. there is a few paintball places near where we live (Niagara falls) but you must be 18 or older to play there! and i have no idea why:???: but anyway we just wanted to know if therre are any outdoor airsoft places in or around the niagara region that my son could go into, (and me) i guess we could go as far as maybe toronto or somewhere around there!
well thanks so much for your help! :roll:
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