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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
It's good for you that you upgraded the Kraken though, a lot of people do use them as bases for project guns or a "3D instruction manual".
I totally support the Kraken in this respect. When one is looking for a platform to learn AK work on and wants to upgrade a gun over time, this is the way to go. Many Krakens will work fine out of the box / clamshell and provide reasonable performance stock. Also, many break on the first few shots. It's a luck of the draw. Hence why I can't recommend them for a noob without some technical abilities.

But as an upgrade platform, it's a worthy gun to work on. With some work and upgrades, for a total cost of about $500, you can have a full metal / wood AK with reliable internals and power and accuracy that will easily surpass any stock plastic TM. And it includes all the little parts and screws that you need for an AK project that you can't find anywhere else, which is an extra bonus.
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