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To make something clear i did not buy a new gun i decided to upgrade my existing gun. alright just to tell off the people who think Cheap guns suck, on the contrary after putting in $200 worth of upgrades in my kraken this thing can practically hit a penny at 100 feet. so all in all i spent a total of $300to get were i am and still gonna get the wood kit and the works for the body.
Promethius (soft) packing
Shreders Cocave Spacer
Prometheus 6.03mm barrel (not the ash) aircraft alluminum
Prometheus air seal nozzle
Prometheus Shim set
Mask Pro Cylinder head with 6mm oversized cushion
Modify polycarbonate piston head with enhanced O-ring
Modify High Speed polycarbonate piston with 7 steel teeth and 2nd tooth removed
Modify S100 non linear spring
Modify Rotary Spring Guide With Bearing
Metal 6mm bushings

So ya i practically own a automatic sniper rifle.
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