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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post
Since I was introduced into Paintballing in 2005 i`ve not only thought about customization of my gun, but the gear as well. I have one in the works that I`m going to see if I can build.

Most of you here know of or about Killzone and events that depict the game. My question...

The Helghast Insignia as pictured is very similar to the Nazi Swastika. Same colors, Strong Lines etc....

If I were to brand this on my arm would those of you feel upset? I`d rather not show up to a field with a Patch and have a bunch of angry Airsofter's give me flak.

I don't see how that is "very Similar" to the Swastika... so symbols using read back and white are taboo? since when?

Although I expect the symbol is copyright protected
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