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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
A fellow player from down south told me a few years ago:

"When my wife saw my PTW, she was a little upset. She said "Yeah, I'll bet that cost $500." To which I replied "I promise you, it didn't cost $500.""

I took a little artistic license with that comment, only because I'm getting old and the neurons ain't workin' like they used to.

Personally, my only regret was that I couldn't hide the cost of a minigun from my wife, so I didn't buy one. She's German-Polish Catholic. No divorce. One of us has to die. It would be me.

that was me and it was "tell me that didn't cost $500" response was "I promise it was not $500". We were both happy and I don't feel I lied. Truth be told, if she knew the gun was $4000 she would freak but I rationalize it it because I could be at the bar or the casino. Now I tell her different numbers for my camera gear...we both stay happy!
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