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I've got a beautiful Lada for sale. It's almost all Metal, it can go fast, and it even has a revolutionnary system called Brakes. Pretty sure if I hit somebody with it, he will bleed. Must be the best car in the world.

I even did 3000 klicks with it so far, and it's still working!

Aftermath products can be cheap, but there's a reason.

No, it's not that they decided not to make any profit out of it.

It's all because of the materials chosen and the tolerances.

You pay for quality.

And FYI, Statua, G&G is still a clone company. I've seen some shitting a brick at the field.
LastSpartan hit the nail on the head.. on the nose.. and in between the legs.

Just to add to it.. in short;

It all depends what your needs are, budget and frequency of play. If you play weekly; cheap materials will wear out much quicker than if you played monthly.

Buying an aftermath does give you one advantage.. if you get a lemon within 30 days, at least you can return it
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