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Age Verification- Markham/Concord-Aurora

Hi Guys.

So, Joining AC, then reading the FAQ and other relevant sections, I am looking for an Age Verifier in the Markam/Conconrd area DAYS and Aurora in Evenings

I already went to the AV section and looked up the good folks that are in my area (and nearby) and PM'd them all for this request. I only got 2 responses (and I thank you gentlemen who responded), one in Whitby and one in Scarborough but both are too far and/or on a day that I am not free.


Can anyone who is an AV'er in my area help me out?

I Commute from Aurora to 404/Hywy 7 during the day, and can duck out at lunchtime to go anywhere from Markham/Concord along Hy 7 area. In the evening I commute back to Aurora so I can meet someone anywhere along the 404 stretch of that commute at around 5pm most days.

Please, no comments about "How serious I am.." Trust me, I am a mature adult and have many other commitments like Family, Children, A wife and other volunteer organizations and obligations that take up my time, otherwise I would take a trip to the far reaches of the GTA to get it done, but hopefully there an AV'er who commutes/works by my area that can help me out.

Please PM if you can help.

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