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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Pretty sure you haven't played with a TM L96.

There's maybe... 10 of them in Canada and as far as I know 0 of them in Manitoba.
Trust me this man knows, hes got the addresses of all the good guns in his area

As for the aftermath products, well that are good for the price, great as rentals/loaners, but have issues at the same time.

biggest problem with them is the hop up and hop up unit along with the barrel. Take a stock one and switch out with a TM hop up unit and any other barrel and they are ok.

You also have to keep in mind your budget. If you can wait and save up for a better gun then do it, although I have seen the Kraken AK used hard and well at our field with no issues (other then someone giving one a kick by mistake cause it was resting on a wall lol)
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