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Originally Posted by Schlyder View Post
hahahahaha no just, that #1, you should likely get a job first.
#2, save the money for the ring, you are already spending money you don't have, like a drunken sailor. #3 You should probably spend more than $450. on your engagement ring.... if you like sex. Traditionally, I believe it is the equivalent of 3 months wages.
What's 3 months wages at 0$ a month? Fancy ring that gets haha.

And yea, even with little income, I always find my Paypal lined with Cash that I inexplicably have present to waste on Airsoft....month after month...even though I'm already completely kitted out...

It's the whole damned "Oooh that looks like fun" or "I swear I can find a use for that!" part of our brains to blame. Glad to see I'm not the only person who has it.
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